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Panchakarma Treatments

Panchakarma Treatments are the five-fold authentic ayurvedic therapies to cleanse and to rejuvenate the body. It detoxifies the body facilitating the removal of toxins, helps to achieve a balanced state of body, mind, and consciousness. These therapies include both preventive and curative actions. 

With our daily lifestyle and improper routine body accumulates toxins causing imbalance in doshas. Each panchakarma procedure acts differently on the body, based on the dosha involvement and site of the disease procedure is decided. 

Hence our doctors decide on which therapy to choose based on the dosha involvement and nature of the disease and provide a best suitable treatment.



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This treatment is different from person to person body. It is specific to individuals and varies according to your dosha imbalance, age, strength. Immunity levels etc.

So before doing the treatment is better to consult physicians/doctor to know about your body dosha and its imbalances in detail.

Panchakarma is divided into three phases: -

1. Poorva Karma (Pre– panchakarma Procedure) 

Poorva karma is a prescribed method of procedure to prepare the body tissues for cleansing and encourage release of toxins.

Poorva Karma included two Procedures: 

Snehana: Snehana is oleation therapy done both internally and externally. This procedure basically helps in accumulating of vitiated doshas 

Swedana: Swedana is fomentation. It helps in relaxing the musculature and eliminate the toxins from the body. 

2. Pradhana Karma (The main purification process) 

Vamana: Vamana is one of the panchakarma treatments mostly done in Kapha predominating disorders. It is procedure where vomiting is induced therapeutically using emetic drugs orally. In this procedure the Toxins are expelled out from the body through oral route. 

Virechanam: Virechana is one of the panchakarma treatments mostly done in Pitta predominating disorders. It is a process where purgation in induced using laxative drugs orally. Here the toxins are expelled out of the through the anal route.

Nasya: Nasya is one of the panchakarma treatments in which the medicine is administered through the nasal route. Nose is the doorway of head and neck region, this process helps in detoxification and strengthening of body from neck and above.  

Vasthi: Vasthi is one of the panchakarma treatments mostly done in Vata predominating disorders. It is enema procedure done using medicated oils and decoctions.

Raktamoksham: It is one of the panchakarma treatments, it is bloodletting procedure where the toxins are expelled out of the body in form of impure blood. This treatment gives good result in treating many skin disorders. 

3. Paschat Karma (Post- panchakarma Care) 

Paschat karma means after care, In this certain precautions are taken after finishing the main procedures to get the full benefit of panchakarma. It includes certain rejuvenating and rasayana therapy, lifestyle management, diet management, intake of herbal supplements etc.

  • Samsarjana Karma (Food therapy after detox) 
  • Rasayana chikitsa (Rejuvenation therapy) 
  • Shamana chikitsa (The pacification therapy with herbs and lifestyle management) 

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