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Waist Pain Treatments

Waist Pain Treatments

If an individual is suffering from spine related issues then the pain can surely cripple a person. The spine is the most important factor in the body. In most of the cases, we have seen that the spine issues are happening because of a sedentary lifestyle. 
In a human body, the muscles are inserted between each vertebra. These muscles keep the spine in place when toned work as shock absorbers. This thing helps the spine to stay erect. Man is the only erect animal in the whole world and we have to take the pros and cons of it.

There is not a single case about disc prolapsed or hernia of any other animal. As we know, gravity pulls all the things down and that’s why the spine is also pulled down. But still, there are several things like powerful and toned soft tissues that keep them in place and also helps to prevent it from prolapsing. The prolapsed of the spine can occur because of the heavy injury or sudden jerk. 

If the disc prolapse is occurred by an injury, then it might be possible to handle it with surgery. But, generally, the prolapsed problem occurs because of the poor lifestyle. And here Surgery is not the solution. If proper strengthen of the joint is nor done appropriately then the next joint will prolapse.

At Ayurmana, our ayurvedic treatment for back pain completely focuses on strengthening and toning the muscles and soft tissues. With appropriate process and qualified team, we can provide relief to people suffering from the spine issues. Our professional back pain diagnosis are ready to help you with your waist pain treatment. Grab your appointment today.

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  • Lepam - .Application of herbal paste.
  • Abhyangam - Oil massage
  • Kizhi - Application of warm herbal compress
  • Kati Vasti - Retention of oil on Back.
  • Pizhichil - Drizzling of medicated oil from a particular height
  • Upanaham - Poultice or bandages.
  • Virechanam - Purgation or laxative therapy.
  • VastI - Enema therapy

Back pain is the leading cause of activity restriction and work absence throughout of the world, imposing a burden on individuals physically and mentally. The etiologies differ depends on the patient population, but most frequently. It is mechanical or non-specific.

Not all back pain diagnosis is lumbago or Para-spinal muscle hypertonicity. If 90 percent of back pain diagnosis is mechanical and somewhere between 12 to 33 percent of people facing back pain at any one time then it is likely to be the primary focus of medical treatment. 

The mechanical back is both prevailing with a large number of incidence. By only focusing on the most common and dangerous etiologies of back pain are missing a significant portion of cases. Inflammatory disorders, malignancy, pregnancy, trauma, osteoporosis, nerve root compression, radiculopathy, degenerative disc disease, disc herniation, spinal stenosis, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, facet joint injury, ankylosing spondylitis and infection are all part of the differential. 

Distinguishing the signs and symptoms of mechanical pain from neuropathic pain (radiculopathy) is an essential first step in the back pain diagnosis. Special tests can be used to help differentiate the origin of the patient’s back pain.

Back pain diagnosis source frequently rates of disability and can be a problem that persists from childhood into old age. Back pain is a significant benefactor to bitterness and mortality. Chronic body back pain is also the most common cause of chronic pain in general.

Here doctors will thoroughly examine the patient and treatments will be customized according to the need.  The back pain treatment includes snehapana, traction, bandage, kizhi, vaitarana vasti, yoga vasti, marma chikitsa, agnikarma chikitsa, yoga therapy and exercise. Along with treatment diet regulation and life style changes like position corrections are advised.

We are helping people who are suffering from waist pain. Our professional back pain diagnosis doctors are ready to help you with your waist pain treatment.

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For Advance Booking by Phone, Call Tel.: +971-4-3300788 / Mob.: +971-56-9335500


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