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Medication is the most important consideration to get rid of back pain problems. We take benefits from external therapies such as medicated massage to gain complete relief from pain.

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Pain while walking, sitting, driving ?

Restricted movements ?

Numbness while long duration standing or sitting ?

How Ayurmana Can Help You!

  • Pain is managed really well with therapies and medicines
  • Stiffness reduction promotes mobility
  • Back strengthening therapies for pain and stiffness
  • Coupled with integrated services for toning of muscle
  • Proper follow-up advise for long lasting results

Back and Neck Pain

If an individual is suffering from spine related issues then the pain can surely cripple a person. The spine is the most important factor in the body. In most of the cases, we have seen that the spine issues are happening because of a sedentary lifestyle. 
In a human body, the muscles are inserted between each vertebra. These muscles keep the spine in place when toned work as shock absorbers. This thing helps the spine to stay erect. Man is the only erect animal in the whole world and we have to take the pros and cons of it.
There is not a single case about disc prolapsed or hernia of any other animal. As we know, gravity pulls all the things down and that’s why the spine is also pulled down. But still, there are several things like powerful and toned soft tissues that keep them in place and also helps to prevent it from prolapsing. The prolapsed of the spine can occur because of the heavy injury or sudden jerk. 

If the disc prolapse is occurred by an injury, then it might be possible to handle it with surgery. But, generally, the prolapsed problem occurs because of the poor lifestyle. And here Surgery is not the solution. If proper strengthen of the joint is nor done appropriately then the next joint will prolapse.

At Ayurmana, our ayurvedic treatment for back pain completely focuses on strengthening and toning the muscles and soft tissues. With appropriate process and qualified team, we can provide relief to people suffering from the spine issues. Our professional back pain specialist doctors are ready to help you with your back pain treatment. Grab your appointment today.

    Followings are the few most effective Ayurvedic treatment patterns for back pain or lumbago:

  • Lepam – .Application of herbal paste.
  • Abhyangam – Oil massage.
  • Kizhi – Application of warm herbal compress
  • Kadi vasthy – Retention of oil on Back.
  • Pizhichil – Drizzling of medicated oil from a particular height
  • Upanaham – Poultice or bandages.
  • Virechanam – Purgation or laxative therapy.
  • Vasthy – Enema therapy

Suffering of Back pain..??
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