At Ayurmana, we offer authentic holistic ayurvedic treatment with the aim of strengthening and rejuvenating the body.  

Shirodhara is the most unique Ayurvedic therapy, Shirodhara is a Sanskrit word comprising of 2 words ‘shiro’ meaning head and ‘dhara’ meaning pouring in stream. Thus, Ayurmana offers the best Shirodhara doctors. it is a treatment in which the warm herbal oil or medicated liquid is poured on the forehead of an individual in a continuous rhythmic stream for a fixed duration. 

This treatment is very effective in treating neurological disorders, it is stress relieving, calms and relaxes the individual, with a cleansing effect on the mind and nerves. It soothes, nourishes the nerves, and pacify the vitiated doshas resulting in psychosomatic balance. 

Shirodhara can be done using oil, Kashaya (decoction), ksheera (milk), jala (water), Takra (buttermilk) etc. based on the requirement and condition of patient, the medicine is prepared for shirodhara and treatment is done with ayurvedic practitioners advice. 

Shirovasti is recommended after the major procedures of panchakarma therapy, but it can be done in cases where ayurvedic detoxification is not required.


  • Taila Dhara: In Taila dhara oil is used as the main ingredient.
  • Takra Dhara: Buttermilk is used as the main ingredient.
  • Kashaya Dhara: Decoctions from medicated herbs are used as the main ingredient.
  • Ksheera Dhara: Milk is used as the main ingredient
  • Jala Dhara: Coconut water or water is used as the main ingredient.

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