At Ayurmana, we work to provide pure and genuine treatment with the goal of rejuvenating the body and the spirit. Nasyam is the unique treatment offered by Ayurmana. This treatment helps to identify the underlying factors in the ailment. The process is suitable according to the body type (dosha).

In Ayurveda, Panchakarma procedure is mentioned and Naysam is one of the parts of this procedure. In this process, the drug is administered via nostrils because Nostrils are considered as the doorway to head. This treatment is used to clean the areas above the shoulder such as nose, throat, sinuses and head. With the help of Nasyam treatment, we can remove the obstructed Kapha from the channels.

Nasyam word is taken from the word Naasa which is a Sanskrit word of Nose. Medicines are put into the nose in Shodhana Chikitsa Nasyam. This procedure has been followed in the Ayurveda system for treatment and specifically in the category of Panchakarma. The medicines that are required to put into the nose can be either in the form of Taila (oil) or Ghrita (ghee) or Choorna (Powder) or Swarasa (herbal juice) or Kashaya (Decoction) or Ksheera (Milk) etc.

The Work Process of Nasyam Treatment

In this treatments, the medicaments administered via the nostrils pervade into the Brain and venous system for blood circulation available in and around the nostrils. With this step, they release the morbidity available or distributed nearby areas. Thus it relieves the channel’s blockage and an individual can feel relax when the diseases are cured completely with great results. This treatment does not have any serious side effects but an individual should visit the professional and experienced therapists like Ayurmana for the best results. Never do this treatment after heavy meals or Shirodhara. This process can help you by solving ENT problems.

With the help of Nasyam treatment, an individual can improve the circulation which is the main benefit of this process. This treatment helps to nourish the tissues and improves the sense of organ perceptions. This Ayurvedic treatment can make your body miraculous and also helps to relieve stress and toxins. This complete process also helps to regulate the hormones. We can cleanse, purify and strengthen the nasal passages with the help of this effective Nasyam therapy so an individual can breathe fully and easily again.


  • Aphonia
  • Bronchitis
  • Cataract
  • Diseases of the eyelid
  • Dryness of the Nose
  • Parkinsonism
  • Sinusitis


  • Combatting Sinusitis
  • Relief from Allergies
  • Reduce Headaches
  • Alleviating Migraines
  • Preventing other Nasal Infections

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