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Ayurvedic treatments is an ancient practice that is considered as the best natural form of healing that originated some 5,000 years ago in the Indian sub-continent. Ayurvedic treatments as we all know is a natural process to cure, heal and improve the mental, physical and emotional condition of human beings. With the help of Ayurveda, an individual can easily understand the changes occurring in the body. This method can change life completely and can provide a healthy and peaceful lifestyle as well as daily life.

Undoubtedly, the body is the greatest healer. If you give proper time and space, the body can easily heal and cure itself. But still, medicines and different treatments play a crucial role to generate an environment for the body to repair itself.

The main reason behind the diseases is the toxin build-up in the human body because of the unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy food habits. If you don’t cure on time, the impact of toxins are become stronger and manifests as a disease. And in case of any genetic predisposition, the effect of toxin increase can become worse.

Ayurvedic treatment is the most ancient treatments and they are used to decrease or eliminate the high amount of toxins through different orifices of the body. Kerala Ayurveda is the best if you are thinking of the toxin elimination. After the successful completion of this treatment, an individual can easily feel the improvement symptoms. And once you shake hand with the Ayurveda treatments, your lifestyle will prevent a recurrence of the diseases.

At Ayurmana Ayurveda & Panchakarma Center, to provide a healthy lifestyle and best solution by curing the ailment and ensuring well being, we follow a different combination of ayurvedic therapies for an average period of 7 to 28 days. Once the patient arrives at our place, we do an in-depth study to know the current status of the patient’s physical health and medical history.

One type of RA is called “amavata,” and some Ayurvedic practitioners use it to treat it with Ayurveda. An ayurvedic arthritis treatment plan might include supplements, changes to your diet, and exercise. Call the best arthritis Doctors in Sharjah at Ayurmana or book an appointment online to learn more about homeopathic medicine for osteoarthritis.


Ayurmana Ayurveda & Panchakarma Center is the one-stop destination where we cure for back pain, asthma, diabetes, piles, weight loss, infertility, obesity, pimples, rheumatoid arthritis, PCOS, sinusitis, hair re-growth, knee pain, dandruff, paralysis, migraine, hair loss and hair fall, skin diseases, fibroids, knee joint pain, constipation, acidity, osteoarthritis, cholesterol, jaundice, sciatica, osteoporosis, haemorrhoids, gastric problems, spondylitis, cough, insomnia, psoriasis, etc. with tested and proven ayurvedic processes and programs.  jaundice, sciatica, osteoporosis, haemorrhoids, gastric problems, spondylitis, cough, insomnia, psoriasis.


back pain treatment

Back Pain Treatments

Many people are suffering from spine problems and this can completely break a person because the spine is the most crucial foundation on which the complete body stands. What we mostly come across are spine issues due to a sedentary lifestyle.

digestive problems doctors

Digestive Problems

A healthy digestive system can keep you safe from different diseases. Generally, the thing we eat passes through different digestive processes that allow us to digest the important nutrients and nourishing elements.

Infertility Treatment

Cases of infertility and impotency have been on a rise in the past decades and mostly specific reason can never be attached to these conditions. Lifestyle changes are mostly deemed as the reason for increasing infertility in our society.

Obesity Treatment

Obesity for instance is believed to be due to kapha predominance, leading to excessive eating and thereby obesity. There are various herbs that are used in treatment of weight loss.

Skin Diseases

Acne, itching, pigmentation, acne scars, skin discoloration, freckles, open pores and burnt skin due to exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun are common problems which prevent Skin problems like acne, itching, pigmentation etc.

Kidney Stone Treatments

Crystallization of minerals and waste materials available in Urine is the main sources behind the formation of Kidney Stones. If you don't cure well and on time, a kidney stone might trouble you a lots.

Women Health Treatments

Ayurveda is regarded to most ancient systems of the herbal remedies found in India, and it offers some of the most significant and useful herbs to help boost women’s health. Several natural herbs that aid the women in finding the natural rhythm of the body, which is closely associated with nature.

Neck Pain Treatments

Computers, working stations, all work on table-tops and for add on watching TV in improper position, reading while sleeping and many other causes are there which are adding extra stiffness to the neck of human beings so pain in neck is increasing day by day.

Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis/Joint Pain is an inflammatory joint disorder of autoimmune starting point. In arthritis, the joints get to be painful, inflamed, swollen and warm with checked stiffness. Chiefly the little joints of the wrist, fingers, ankles and toes are included. It is very important to talk to your rheumatoid arthritis Specialist Doctor.

Lose Weight

If you are overweight then it means that due to an imbalance of the ‘Kapha’ dosha, you are accumulating more ‘meda’ or fat. Ayurveda has some very effective actions to prescribe through which you can lose weight very effectively.

Hair Fall Treatment

A high amount of people are suffering from hair problems and this is the concern for males as well as females. AS per the research, 70% to 80% of people are suffering from hair problems. we offers the best homoeopathic treatment for hair loss.

Ayurmana Ayurveda & Panchakarma Center FZC – The Ayurvedic Healing Center at Dubai, is one-of-its-kind of a holistic space, which heals you internally and externally with traditional and authentic Ayurvedic therapies, treatments and medications along with Yoga and Meditation. 


  • Panchakarma treatment
  • Weight Reduction program
  • Detox and Rejuvenation
  • Eye Care
  • Preventive and Regenerative
  • Sinusitis and Migraine
  • Slip disc treatment
  • Osteo Arthritis (OA)
  • Chronic Back Pain
  • Post-Pregnancy Program
  • Treatment for Skin Diseases
  • Treatment for Diabetes
  • De-addiction and Rehabilitation
  • Bronchial Diseases Treatment
  • Treatment to Remove Stress and Strain
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
  • Treatment for Nervous Disability
  • Treatment for Hypertension
  • Treatment for Facial Paralysis
  • Treatment for Paralysis
  • Treatment for Psoriasis
  • Treatment for Cervical Spondylitis
  • Revitalizing and Strengthening Treatment for Cancer Patients

Overview of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is one of the oldest healing system in the world documented 5000 years ago. Ayurveda in Sanskrit means “knowledge of life”. It is a tradition passed from generations to generations. Ayurveda is more than a mere healing system; it is a science of art of appropriate living helps to achieve longevity


Ayurmana Ayurveda & Panchakarma Center, Dubai, is a leading traditional Kerala Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment center providing effective Ayurvedic, Homeopathy & Yoga treatments.

Ayurveda is a comprehensive system of natural medicines that treats the body and mind as a whole. It treats the causes of the disease rather than the symptoms and improves the immunity of the body without creating any side effects.