Takradhara is an Ayurvedic sudation therapy using medicated buttermilk to help the brain and mind relax, and reduce stress. In Takradhara, the medicated buttermilk, similar to Sirodhara, will be poured continuously onto the forehead or over the entire body.

Takradhara is a sudation therapy with medicated butter milk in Ayurveda. It can be done either as Shirodhara (pouring the decoction over the head) or the dhara over the entire body. This treatment is effective in insomnia, chronic headaches like migraine, ear-nose diseases, neuropathy and spondylitis.

Takradhara, a sub-division of Shirodhara, where buttermilk is also poured along with the oil. This treatment has many therapeutic effects, especially in the improvement of the patient’s mental health.


  • Cures migraine headaches and ear, nose, throat diseases.
  • Relieves insomnia.
  • Enhances blood circulation to the brain.
  • Help the brain and mind to ease and relax.
  • Prevents hair fall, graying of the hair, scalp and dandruff problems.
  • Improves digestive power.
  • Sleeplessness / Insomnia
  • Diseases of the Ear
  • Diseases of the Eye
  • Hair Loss / Hair Fall

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